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    Postby WLHack 14 Jan 2018, 17:30

    About a year ago I mentioned that I am working on a new mod that I intend to release before the year ends... Well, the year flew by but nothing got out as changes in real work left me less time to work on the mod.
    Anyway the year was not completely unproductive regards modding and with Doomjedis help I got quite a lot done, in fact enough the be more that certain that this year I will definately release a mod (if not for public, at least for beta-testing).

    To ensure that I will reach my goal, I wil write a small status report at the end of each month to my blog so after 12 month and 12 reports later we should have something playable for people to enjoy.

    What is Spear of Brutality?

    Inspired by the Doom mod Brutal Doom I thought that it would be fun to try create such similar gorefest using the Wolfenstein-engine... Unfortunately Brutal Wolfenstein 3D already existed, I decided to make my mod based on Spear of Destiny.

    So basically Spear of Brutality is my version of the SoD with more weapons, special deathframes for all enemies including bosses, improved graphics and scenery with much more gore (oh, also the reloading weapons from TFS SDL will be removed). I could have simply used the original SoD textures and sprites and then add some extra death frames and special effects but I felt that it would have been cheating so I decided to "remaster" them a bit.

    Texture comparison
    Sprite comparison

    What still needs to be done?
    Well, all the textures and most of the sprites are done but I still need to work on some of the weapons and the enemies... To be exact the enemies are the thing that needs the most of the work as I want to animate unique actions to them depending on the situation (e.g. like the ceiling crawling imps in Brutal Doom). For the demo however I am thinking of keeping the original enemies with just the added frames.

    Aside from the graphics, nearly all of the maps has to be made yet as I have been focusing more into the look and feel of the game.

    But what about the "experimence"?
    Yeah, I did mention that before Spear of Brutality I would release smaller mod with only couple of levels...

    Originally the idea was to make a mod to test some of the core features of the Spear of Brutality to see how people will react to them but as I was making that mod I realised that it would be better off as a full TC than just a short tech demo. After that I basically pushed it aside and only worked on Experimence when I got bored drawings enemy sprites for Brutal Spear.

    However I have made some progress for the Experimence as well, e.g. all the wall textures are done.

    To sum up the "Experimence", the antagonist is a nazi scientist that believes that Schabbs' bioweapons are inefficent and futile as they share the same weaknesses as normal human... Instead he is trying to build an army of robotic soldiers.

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    Postby Lozer_42 14 Jan 2018, 19:39


    what is the one non-swastika symbol on the walls resembling a cursive "l", or a ribbon, or an alien mask, or an ankh, or a squared curlycue, etc
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    Postby DoomJedi 14 Jan 2018, 19:51

    I have known about this for quite a while and supported it all along :)

    I'm excited about this and think it has alot of potential. Sure coming from such a spriter.
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    Postby WLHack 14 Jan 2018, 20:46

    Lozer_42 wrote:question:

    what is the one non-swastika symbol on the walls resembling a cursive "l", or a ribbon, or an alien mask, or an ankh, or a squared curlycue, etc

    It is the Odal rune representing "kinship, family and blood unity" according to the wikipedia page talking about runic insignia of SS... I chose it to represent the antagonist for "Experimence" as I pictured him to be a zealot blindly believing in the superiority of nazis and maintaining lineages of pure blooded aryan soldiers.

    I could have used Hagal rune as well as it represents "Faith in Nazism" but I didn't like how it looked.

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