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    Postby Officer-Michael John 30 Apr 2016, 22:38

    I like making a new music and sound for Wolf4SDL. Sound with Sound Forge. Music with ImfTools or ImfCreator.
    Officer-Michael John
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    Postby Lozer_42 01 May 2016, 23:20

    If you want to make new music using the original IMF and adlib engine in wolf3d, what I have done in the past is use a midi editor (most sound/music programs work with midi) and write the song in that. I would then take the midi into IMF creator and tweak the instruments sounds a little bit there before taking the final IMF into the game.

    It requires a bit of back and forth between to programs to get it just right, but it's effective.
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    Postby Officer-Michael John 03 May 2016, 23:08

    No adlib sound.
    Wav sound. Exaple: HALTSND

    I probaly using an IMFCreator, but I don‘t know doing a new music. Please you do a tutorial.
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