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    Postby Officer-Michael John 25 Apr 2016, 22:59

    Hi members!

    I work a one own Wolf 3D series. In part Wolf 3D contiunating. Mod name: The Big Fight Beginning. I added many code changes (big thanks to LinuxWolf,Tricob,kkk911XD,Ipank7000,Chris Chokan,AlumiuN and Andy Nonymous),new graphics,sounds and musics.

    Credits and thanks:

    LinuxWolf,Ipank700,Tricob,Chris Chokan,AlumiuN and Andy Nonymous:Source code helpings and tutorials
    kkk911XD (NT Games):Learned for SDL coding
    Mario bothers (Mega Luigi and Mario Maniac):Sounds,graphics,ideas,code changes idea and map detail for map idea
    Id Software:Wolf 3D source code,graphics,sounds,musics and this game
    WolferCooker:Hud statusbar (I modified),high ranking officer
    WSJ (Wolf Skevos-Jones):Graphics sounds,musics and code tutorials
    Doomjedi,WLHack and Codetech:Graphics
    Zach Higgins:Direction Flamethrower SS,graphics
    BJ Rowan:Death animation for direction Flamethrower SS,Ambient sound code for SDL
    MCS Asterdam:Code tutorials
    Mäx:Thunder sound for Ambient sound,graphics


    -4 ammo (9mm ammo,7.92mm rounds,fuel canister,energy cell)
    -8 +1 mounted weapon (knife,Colt 45 pistol,Submachine gun,chaingun,Gewehr 43 mauser.MP44 assault rifle,flamethrower,blitzgewehr,flakgun mounted:not picked up)
    -Multipe floor/ceiling texture
    -Teleporter with 4 direction
    -In-Game messages
    -Timer display
    -Not timed Invincibility
    -Music order changes
    -Changed floor/ceiling color
    -Rain,Star sky
    -More walls as 64
    More statics object as 400 and more enemy as 150

    I released on 01 01 2017 (beta and you find in Readme Patch 1 file link too):http://www.moddb.com/games/wolfenstein-3d/downloads/wolf-3d-the-big-fight-beginning-beta

    Screenshots from Beta version:

    Hidden Text: Show
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    Postby Officer-Michael John 29 Apr 2016, 12:23

    I added a one pciture from 1st level.

    Officer-Michael John
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    Postby DoomJedi 30 Apr 2016, 19:13

    The pic doesn't show much.

    Having door the same texture you use for walls is..counterproductive.
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    Postby Officer-Michael John 30 Apr 2016, 22:33

    I added a more pic. But I don‘t know in big pic sharing with they. :(
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    Postby pwojo588 01 May 2016, 05:16

    Officer-Michael John wrote:I added a one pciture from 1st level.


    looks pretty cool to me! maybe different door textures?
    you'll do great! :Yahoo!:

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    Postby Officer-Michael John 01 May 2016, 08:35

    I making from WSJ‘s Operation Heimzahlung mod:wood wall. With one little modification.
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    Postby Officer-Michael John 04 Jan 2017, 16:15

    I added new Screenshots. Sorry some Screenshot big.

    1st,2nd Screenshot:Security closed area (Episode 2 Level 10:Secret level and in work)
    3rd,4th Screenshot:Nazi Labs (Episode 2 Level 6 and you can go to secret level)
    5th Screenshot:Secret Forest (Episode 1 Level 10:Secret level)
    6th,7th Screenshot:Accursed place (Episode 2 Level 4 and Super Soldier (Hans Grosse) is invincibility)
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