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  • Guns and Glory 0.5 is open for Beta Testing

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    Postby Metalor 29 Jan 2012, 23:37

    If you regularly visit the DieHardWolfers Forum, then you can just go ahead an disregard this thread. There's nothing new in here.

    But if you haven't, then I'm spreading awareness of my project through this thread. Come here with your questions about the project and if you wish to join the Beta Testing team.

    Anyways, the post(s) from DHW:

    Post 1:
    I've decided to post a few preview screenshots of my Mod as it currently stands. There's not too much to view besides the Status Bar and some missing-texture floors and ceilings, but I'm sure it'll give you a good idea of what to expect.





    The screenshots were taken in sort of a rush but they captivate some sort of idea of what to expect.
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    Postby Metalor 29 Jan 2012, 23:38

    Post 3:

    As promised, here's a few screenshots and sprites to show off some of the game's content:
    (sorry, but DeviantArt still sucks and I can't seem to post the actual pictures from there onto here)

    The game's Title Screen:

    The New ReadThis Screen:

    The Updated Intermission Screen:

    And the game's Maain Menu Screen:

    Also, I have a picture showcasing 9 of the game's 10 regular enemy types, including a brand new enemy type made by me:

    The game features 10 regular enemies (9 of which are depicted in the link), including 4 of the originals, 1 from the Spear of Destiny Mission Packs (to replace one of the originals), and 5 new ones, 3 of which are taken from other sources and 2 of which (1 is not depicted in the above image) are completely new.

    I hope you all like what you see.

    I'm eagerly awaiting your assistance and feedback!
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    Postby Metalor 29 Jan 2012, 23:39

    Post 3:
    As a special birthday treat to myself, I have decided to announce to all that Guns and Glory 0.5 has finally reached Beta testing.

    Unlike regular beta testing, Guns and Glory will have 2 phases, a Beta and Gamma phase. The first phase will be to test difficulty, find any bugs, fix known bugs, repair level and graphical asthetics and fix any other problems that may arise. The second phase will be for mostly testing graphical appeal in the levels for when ceiling and floor textures are applied to the levels.

    Beta testers will be obligated to test in both phases, though the second will only require attention to detail, rather than actual level testing or bug testing (though unless for instance one or two of the levels are completely remade, in which case, those levels will have to be tested like the others).

    Anyways, for those interested, PM me with your email address and I'll send you the Beta version. Per your request, I'll forego sending certain files, since I'm using the Advanced Sound Manager by AlumiuN, which requires the addition of seperate folders for sounds and music.

    Beta testers may also wish to suggest improvements or modifications if they find levels too difficult or if something does not look in the right place.

    But now onto the good stuff:

    Besides initiating Beta Testing, I'm also holding a Contest! That's right, players will be able to win prizes for playing the game! (once it's in full-public release).
    If contestees are able to meet the requirements of the contest (which is explained in the game's ReadThis file), they will just need to send in an email and proof of meeting the requirements and they will be sent a Map-editing package, where they can add 1 or more levels (up to a maximum of 4, depending upon how many requirements they are able to meet) to a community map pack that will be uploaded alongside other user's maps in a secondary public release including 32 user-made maps and 1 new level made by me. Contest winners will also be allowed usage of a bonus guard-type not used in the base game for free use in their maps.

    Of course, players are not obligated to enter, and Beta testers will not be allowed to participate, rather, if they so choose, they can add only a single level to the pack, replacing one of the game's secret levels. The first contestant that is able to complete all 4 requirements will also be granted the opportunity to use a brand-new boss not featured in the base game in one of their levels. All winners (or more accurately, the first 24) will be included in a Hall of fame within the secondary public release (unless they wish to remain anonymous, in which they will be named anonymous within the hall of fame).

    Beta testers will not be allowed the use of either the new guard type or the boss, and can only add 1 level. Anyone that wishes to be a Beta tester, but still wishes to compete in the contest may do so after full-release, but they will not be rewarded any of the prizes, except being included in a winner's hall of fame included in the Secondary Public Map-Pack release.

    Which level(s) you wish to replace is completely up to you, but it's first-come, first serve. The levels users will be able to replace are levels 1~32 (1~24 if Beta testers make any secret levels).

    So Beta testers should apply now as the testing phase has begun. Just send me your email via PM. I will accept anywhere between 6 to 8 Beta testers. I will most likely post some of the in-game tidbits as treats to viewers and those interested in days to come.

    I'm so excited about this! It's gonna be fun, folks!
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