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    Postby WolferCooker 07 Jan 2012, 03:17

    Okay I'm looking at BrotherTank's "Working with Weapons" tutorial. Apparently I must add in his base code with the weapons (first post with tutorial) before I can make my way to the separate ammo feature.

    I did all the steps he said correctly, and now I have these problems that conversions from int to weapontype are invalid.


    Then again, his thread is 8 years old, so I would have to assume that this tutorial is for the DOS version.
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    Postby Tricob1974 08 Jan 2012, 00:30

    The CheckWeaponChange code was re-written in Wolf4SDL somewhere between v1.2 and v1.7. I'm actually not surprised the Working With Weapons tutorial doesn't work. :)

    Anyway, I need to update the code to patch the bugs you pointed out about two days ago, and post a tutorial on implementing them for those who are already using the old code at this point in time. After that, I'll post how to add additional Static Object types in the code.

    After that, then I can help with the weapons code. :)
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    Postby WolferCooker 08 Jan 2012, 01:09

    Good idea. I'm sure others would be asking the same things I am with your code.

    Yeah a lot of code for features should be updated from DOS versions because I can assure you there will be more problems like this in the future.
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    Postby Officer-Michael John 10 Apr 2016, 14:01

    Hey WolferCooker! I writte an one own new ammo tutorial.

    New ammo tutorial:http://wolf3dfanboys.usersboard.com/t35-tutorial-adding-new-ammo-my-version
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