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REKKR initial review

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2018, 16:39
by DoomJedi

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I'm still only on map too, so take it with the grain of salt, but this is my impression so far.

Maybe I'm spoiled by Brutal Doom and such modern ports/mods (so much that lack of basic immersion like water and step sounds stand out to me in this one), but this looks like an example of how NOT to do TCs/mods.

First, to start on a good note - Art is fantastic. Period. No issues there. This is the best part about this mod, that's why it looks such a pity to see such effort wasted. All art from scratch, professionally made. No issues with music and sounds issue (beside the mod being too Doom-era retro in lack of area/atmospheric sounds).
It looks like a mod made by an art guy who decided not to bother people of coding and such and make this mod his own.
Gameplay, selected theme and mapping is the issue.
First - there is no coding work I can notice, this mod looks like Doom art replacement without much thought. Weapons work and feel like Doom ones, enemies are just art replacements of Doom enemies, so you can see each enemy is based on which Doom enemy.
So despite looking at different theme, you still feel like you're playing Doom, shooting shotguns at imps and cacos. Just in another area of Mars or whatever.
Fear factor is out, nothing in the enemy design, sounds and attacks make you fear, or looks too aggressive. I could shoot bunnies with same fear level.
Weird Doom things are kept as simple art replacements - including green-shining toxic exploding barrels (in Norse-themed mod?), armor pickups etc.
Visually it looks like Witchaven, and feels like Heretic. Witchaven is not the look and feel one should ever aim for. Theme itself is too boring in things you can put in, it always feels dull and underdecorated.

Re: REKKR initial review

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2018, 17:10
by DoomJedi
I'm on level 3, and things start to get better, but still...and this peaceful music....