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    Postby ArcaneXeno 20 Jan 2016, 00:44


    Has anyone here considered making a project in the form of a TC for Winrott or GLRott? I see no reason why you couldn't build a Wolf3d style project using this port. The mapping is identical, other than you have some limits with using multiple ceiling textures, you get varying heights (sort of), and the functional multiplayer (with bots being one of the main selling points here). ROTT all things considered is nothing more than a super charged version of the Wolf3d Engine. Sadly as everyone knows Doom quickly made the engine appear antiquated despite all the improvements made. We wouldn't see rocket jumping again until Quake appeared, ROTT was destined to always be somewhat of a oddity. :)

    Years ago I experimented with high resolution textures and sprites for Winrott. The results were impressive but I grew a bit aggravated with several limitations so I instead started to build my own engine. Eventually I plan to in some way make use of all my pre-rendered textures, and creatures I 3d modeled in some sort of a retro inspired shooter.

    What are everyone's thoughts about Winrott?

    Here are two examples of my Aliens Online remake which is now dormant:

    Aliens Online Map#1

    Advanced Original Map
    alein_rott1.png (97.43 KB) Viewed 141 times
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    Postby linuxwolf 20 Jan 2016, 01:44

    It looks very advanced and high resolution. As you know our mods usually stick to the old format. Sprites, simple block maps, single block high walls, no 3d models, no special AI. We're very traditional in that sense.

    However we do use a lot of 8-directional art which can be thought of as a very basic 3d model since it can be viewed from more than one location. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the original wolf3d character art was modeled first in 3D and then rendered to sprites.

    I'll watch the videos and give you some feedback, and hopefully tie it into what we might like to do at Team Raycast.
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    Postby ArcaneXeno 22 Jan 2016, 00:49

    Yes almost all early rotation sprites were models if not actual digitized models from photos. Marathon comes to mind when using 3d models, while the end results were very clean the animator made the classic mistake of only animation the arms and legs. Everything in Marathon and the later Damage INC. looks very rigid and odd when it moves. Both games are great but it takes you awhile to forgot about the sloppy animation.
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